Simon Long
Founder and Owner

Simon founded the business in the  of summer 2012. He spotted a niche in the market for cleaning

block paved driveways in Malvern, Worcestershire and the surrounding areas.


He researched the market and the cleaning process for almost a year before investing in Commercial Pressure Washing Machinery and Equipment and Exterior Cleaning Solutions was founded.

Many peoples expensive drives had been neglected for years and what were once beautiful assets, to the lovely properties they fronted, now served as eyesores !!

He realised that cleaning them would enhance and add, not only kerb value, but also financial value for his clients and their potential customers, especially if the property was on the market place.

Locally he found that the cleaning of these areas had previously been undertaken by door to door opportunists who offered a basic quick fix solution with, in many cases, cleaning machinery not really up to the job in hand.

Streaky looking drives and poor workmanship with little or no comeback was quite prevelant.


Cleaning drives is not only a skilled, time consuming and back breaking procedure, but it is also an incredibly dirty job. Many other surfaces get soiled during the process, no matter how careful you are!!!


Therefore an important part of the process is the FINAL CLEAN DOWN where we make sure that all surfaces that have been soiled during the clean are restored to a clean state.

Windows, walls, plants even the kerbside and road come under Simon's scrutiny to such an extent that his customers and even their neighbours, if watching,  tend to comment on his results and diligence!!

Over the  years the business has gone from strength to strength with a whole host of highly satisfied customers benefiting from his knowledge, experience and labours.


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