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Pressure Washing

 Do You Have Unsightly  Driveways, Patios or Paths ?
 Some of Which Maybe Unsightly, Slippery and Dangerous!! 


Then We Can Really Help !!

As An Example Look Below To See One Of Our Many Cleans.

Would Your Domestic, Karcher Type, Pressure Washer Achieve The Results That We Achieved For Our Client?


We Think Not !!

Dirty Patio in Worcestershire.
This customer, having recently purchased this property, was considering replacement
slabbing as she thought the block paving was beyond cleaning!
How To Clean a Patio Professionally in Worcestershire
Imagine her  Suprise when she returned from work to find her Patio 
Totally Transformed ...... 
"WOW !!" 

 We Use Commercial Pressure Washers  Which COMBINED With 
 SPECIALIST  Cleaning Solutions and Surfactants, During the Cleaning Process, 
 Make Sure We Achieve  Amazing Results Everytime ! 
 At Affordable Prices!! 

 With 10 YEARS of Pressure Washing Experience 


Having Expanded Our Knowledge of Many Cleaning Solutions and Techniques, Over The Years, We Are Much Better Equipped To Tackle Problem Infestations That Other Contractors Fail to Remove. 


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Frequently Asked Questions


You'll be really pleased with the difference a Professional Pressure Washing can make to the Appearance of your Property.

You may have some questions about how we work.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and answers.

 If yours isn't here just contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have !

​​​​​​​​​​​​​What Is Involved In The Cleaning Process?

Your surfaces will be cleaned primarily using high pressure water, using our Commercial Specification Briggs & Stratton petrol driven pressure washer. Surfaces such as walls are cleaned with a Lance and flat surfaces are cleaned mainly with a Rotary cleaner.  This equipment will complete the job significantly faster and far more effectively than a DIY machine – saving you time and money.​ 

​Can Any Home Or Business Premises Benefit From Pressure Washing?

Yes. All we need to do is make sure that you have a suitable outside tap WITH a Decent Water Pressure as well as Access to the Area to be Cleaned.

Unfortunately we are unable to undertake any jobs where these are not available !

We cannot bring the equipment or high pressure hoses Through a building to reach the back garden. 

What Do I Need To Do?

On the day of the clean make sure that  all vehicles are removed from the driveway and all plant pots and garden furniture etc. are removed from the areas to be cleaned. (We’ll be happy to help you with this if required).

For obvious Safety Reasons you will also need to make sure that all children and pets are kept away from these areas being cleaned while the work is taking place. 

Will I Need To Be On Site When The Cleaning Takes Place?

No – there is no need to be in, providing that we have access to the water supply for the duration of the work. We wont need any access to your property. 


​Are Any Chemicals Used In The Cleaning Process?

The cleaning process generally uses just high pressure water.

However, if the infestations / stains are so deeply ingrained into the surface being cleaned we may require the use, with your permission, of a specialist cleaning product in order to obtain the best cleaning results.

We always discuss the use of any cleaning product options with you first before using any.

Can All Stains Be Removed?

The appearance of most stains will be significantly improved although it is impossible to guarantee they'll be completely removed. (Oil stains are especially difficult to remove completely).

Similarly, we cannot guarantee to completely remove all algae and lichen although we tend to remove at least 90% if not ALL !!


How Much Will The Water Used Cost?

Severn Trent Water currently charges £1.52 per cubic metre of water (source: www.stwater-summary charges 20/21).

Our pressure washer uses approximately 1.320 cublic metres per hour, so every full hour of cleaning will use a maximum of £2.00 of water (if used constantly which would be very unusual !)

What Makes Us Different From Our Competitors?

We truly Love What We Do and take Great Pride in the Amazing Results We Achieve for Our Customers!!

This means that we leave every job like we would like to find it if we were working on our own property's.

The cleaning process is an incredibly dirty one for those who have'nt tried it before !

We wash down thoroughly on and off site where we have made a mess.

We clean down windows and glass if soiled with our own Pure Water System to professional window cleaner standard.

We wash down plant beds, walls and anything else we have soiled so as you are left with a pristine looking site and if your about we will always make sure your happy before we leave.  

We rely on our customers testimonials and by telling their neighbours and friends of the high quality of Professionalism and Workmanship we provide.

We are more than happy to give FREE  No Obligation Advice and Site Surveys giving you Fixed Prices. 

Why Are There No Prices Quoted On Your Website?

There are so many variable factors to consider when pricing that it is just not possible to give a set price without first surveying the job.

For instance,our pressure washer uses 22 litres of water per minute so if the water pressure from your tap does not match this it can holds us back, time wise.

Also how badly stained or infested the surface is obviously affects how long the project can take.

Wherever possible if the dirty sludge and run off goes out into the street we clean down the street as well and if the nearest drain is 50 metres away this takes time as well !!

We do realise that we are in a Competitive profession and that if we DO NOT offer value for money we will be out of work very quickly.

HOWEVER always bear in mind that your cheapest quotation is not always the best quotation and there is much that can go wrong if not done properly !!

My Drive Is Covered In Weeds. Will They Come Back?

This is a very common question...Block paved driveways are very low maintenance, but not NO maintenance - so the answer is yes, weeds will come back. There may be root systems under the paving that cannot be removed by cleaning alone and weeds/seeds are also airborne, dropped by birds and from trees and plants - so you need to carry out routine maintenance by weed killing and sweeping. Add it to your gardening routine, just like cutting the grass or de-weeding flower beds.

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